A Beginner’s Guide to Kickboxing

The A, B, C’s and K’s of Kickboxing: A Beginner’s Guide to Kickboxing

Although kickboxing is hardly new at any rate, it still is growing in popularity amongst not only people that have the spotlight on them but also in the general population. The reason behind popularity isn’t because people have turned to wanting to learn how to throw a proper punch or defend themselves, it’s because it

Kickbox A Taller Opponent: The Strategy and Tips to Takedown

How to Kickbox A Taller Opponent: The Strategy and Tips to Takedown

For fighters in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it is made within the system. The reason behind the creation of this branch was to give a chance for the smaller guy to take out a taller fighter flawlessly. However, if you are fighting a taller opponent boxing, sparring with someone taller or you just need to know how to beat a taller and bigger opponent in a street

muay thai techniques for beginners

Making Moves With Muay Thai: Muay Thai Techniques for Beginners

Beginning any type of sport for the first time is not only challenging but a scary experience. Especially if you are getting into the martial arts, it’s not exactly a cake walk, a walk in the park or any other walk for that matter. However, taking that first step and putting yourself out there will

cardio kickboxing workout

Taking on the Art of Eight Limbs: The Best Muay Thai Workout

One of the most effective and popularly practiced martial art in the world, Muay Thai is a practice that easily sets itself apart from the rest of the other branches. With emphasis, mainly on striking, sparring, and competition, it is seen as a physically, deadly practice that is effective not only in the ring but

10 Tips to Improve Explosiveness

As a fighter, the element of surprise, the drive from the way you move, and your technique is what really will set you apart from other fighters and create an identity for you.   Being explosive when you’re in the ring is just as important, if not more than other skills and techniques that you

Sports to Combine, Complement, and Carve Your Martial Arts Skills

If you are well into your martial arts training or if you are just getting started and are not quite ready to part with some other of your favorite sports, you actually might find that you might not have to. Even if you aren’t as serious in practicing martial arts, and we all know how

Top 15 Types of Martial Arts

If you are starting your journey into contact sports, we hope this list of the Top 15 Types of Martial Arts will give you a good understanding of what you are getting into. If you are new to fighting and looking to find your fit, there are so many different types of martial arts to

15 Ways to fight an aggressive fighter

Even if this isn’t your first fight, you might encounter some other fighters that are much more aggressive or intimidating than you. Perhaps you took up fighting just to add to your extracurricular activities and needed a hobby that can also get you into shape.   The fact of the matter is that, especially if