Boxing Footwork: Essential DO’s, DON’Ts and drills

The thing that you’ll find with the average fighter across the board is that they will more often than not have less-than-acceptable footwork. Although it is a large contributing factor and an extremely essential part of the boxing game, most fighters just want to punch and hit and work on blocking, and bypass working on

Firm and Fast Fists

Firm and Fast Fists: How to Improve Punching Speed in Boxing

Even though there are aspects of punching speed that come naturally, there are punching speed drills that can increase and improve your quickness. Even though you might not be naturally considered a fast puncher, you can still work on it on your own.   The great news is that you don’t even have to have a

increase punching power at home

Doing Maximum Damage with Boxing Skills: How to Hit Harder

Basically, if you are looking into fighting and want to learn how to punch faster, how to punch really hard, and ultimately,how to increase punching power at home or in a gym, this guide is for you.   This right here can be considered one of the most complete guides for any type of fighter

professional boxing

Sharing Their Salary: How Much Do Professional Boxers Make

Although you might have heard many rumors about professional boxers and that they easy, self-made millionaires. Well, only parts of that sentence are true. If you are searching how much do beginner boxers make, your eyes, of course, might bug out of your head. However, if you do another search on how long does it take

shadow kickboxing

First, Begin with Yourself: How to Shadowbox for Beginners

Ever see a boxer training by himself, tangled up in a fight with someone he can only see? No, he’s not crazy — well, maybe a little. However, this is actually a part of the training program set to make a boxer be the best athlete that he can be.   If you are just

shadowbox begineers

Keeping You on Your Feet: Best Balance Exercises For Boxing

Whether you are boxing for exercise or are looking to commit hundreds of hard-working hours trying to make a career in boxing, one of the most important assets to work on is balance. Although most sports require balance, being able to stand on your own two feet and take a few hits is what boxing

Back to the Basic Punches: Naming The 6-Punch Boxing Numbering System

Regardless if you are a beginner or a trained veteran, it’s always good to get back to the basics. Depending on the gym you’re training at, the numbering system, to keep it one of the most sacred, basic training guides, we’re going to hope is normally the same across gyms. The unwritten rule to keep

From Mental Memory to Muscle Memory: Mastering The Kickboxing Number System

Even if you’ve gone to kickboxing classes that your gym offers and have all the routines down by memory, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a kickboxing guru. However, even if you have been in kickboxing for a while, you still might need a little help remembering what kind of numbering system you’re working with

10 Tips to Improve Explosiveness

As a fighter, the element of surprise, the drive from the way you move, and your technique is what really will set you apart from other fighters and create an identity for you.   Being explosive when you’re in the ring is just as important, if not more than other skills and techniques that you

Sports to Combine, Complement, and Carve Your Martial Arts Skills

If you are well into your martial arts training or if you are just getting started and are not quite ready to part with some other of your favorite sports, you actually might find that you might not have to. Even if you aren’t as serious in practicing martial arts, and we all know how