Take Your Training Outside the Gym: Muay Thai Exercises For Home

Whatever your reason may be, whether you’re too busy to go to a gym or fighting school or you really just can’t afford the extra expenditure in your budget right now, I’ve got good news for you. Your home can be your gym. You don’t need all that fancy equipment, partners, and possibly even coach.

Successful On the Streets

Successful On the Streets: Tips to Win Street Fight

Although you might never be in one, part of learning how to fight is being prepared for the unexpected. Since it’s not an organized fight, you shouldn’t attempt to approach it like one. When you least expect it, you might encounter a punk or two trying to instigate a fight. Although you have been trained

How to Wrap Your Hands Properly

Protecting Your Weapons: How to Wrap Your Hands Properly

When it comes to boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, any branch of martial arts that involves punching, you will need how to learn a boxing hand wrap technique to help protect your hands. Not only does wrapping your hands increase your punching power, it also prevents injury.   Although the hand wraps may differ depending on the branch


The Top Ten Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Schools in the World

You’ve done the impossible — or rather — you’ve picked a martial arts branch to really train and get into. Choosing a branch fit for you was already tough enough—imagine having to make another decision towards your martial arts career. Well, if you are looking to train seriously and get an edge over the competition,

punching bag

Taking on the Punching Bag: Punching Bag Basics

Whether you’re a beginner or are wanting to start getting into martial arts, working with the punching bag is one of the most popular, effective, and mainstream techniques used in training. However, there is so much more to a heavy bag workout than just hitting the punching bag as hard as you can.   Whether

cardio kickboxing

Kicking It: On Your Own or at a Gym, This Is a Great Cardio Kickboxing Workout

You’ve all seen it before. Perhaps you have even been to one before. But one thing is certain: as soon as your cardio kickboxing class is offered at your local gym, the sign-up list is quickly filled up.   There’s a reason behind the craze. Cardio kickboxing has, ultimately, in the last few decades, skyrocketed


How to Cut Weight for a Fight, Effectively and Safely

Weight manipulation or cutting the weight, especially days for a fight is a world-known concept that fighters have to deal with on a regular basis. There are benefits and downsides to this game-strategy. If done correctly, this process can let larger fighters lower their weight incrementally enough to be able to compete in a lower